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You are visiting the website of the Department of Women's Ministries of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. We are dedicated to strengthening women, nurture them, empower them so they can reach out and meet the needs of women in society and Church.

At this site you will find resources, news, infos, material, ideas and events along with information about who we are, the world organization of Adventist Women's Ministries, church position statements on different issues, and our mission and philosophy.

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New Facebook Site for Women's Ministries. 

We are happy that more than 600 people followed the site Women in action. It was started as a site to promote the Women in action congress 2014. In the meantime the congress lives in our memory and the focus has moved more to the activities and initiatives of the Women's Ministries Department. That is why we are starting this new facebook site: EUD Women's Ministries. This is also necessary because there is another fb-site called Women in action that has nothing to do with us. Little by little the Women in action site will be discontinued and our activities moved to this site.

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EUD Video Report GC 2015 San Antonio: http://eud.adventist.org/events/events/general-conference/


June 08, 2015 Porto, Portugal

enditnow meetings in Porto, Canelas, Espinho and CAOD School.
With Mass walk along Coast. 
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Material for enditnow Day 2015

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2015.02 E - Info WM EUD
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Seasons Greetings

Candles for Christmas, we love it.

They give light and a wonderful atmosphere of peace,

of warmth and of comfort in a dark time.


But it is only when God’s light and His love touch our heart, 

we can really experience Christmas.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and blessed New Year, 

in which you may experience God and feel His presence and light at all times.



Women’s Ministries Department

Inter-European Division


Denise Hochstrasser

Women’s Ministries Director, Inter-European Division


Sonja Arnold

Administrative assistant


Hannele Ottschofski

Administrative assitant in 2014

Women's Ministries Volunteer


Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

From November 25 (International Day for the elimination of Violence) until December 10 (Human Rights Day)

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CONGRESS Women-in-Action – Messages and Program-Videos

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The first Inter-European Women's Congress is history

Visit our pages telling you about the First Inter-European Women's Congress 'Women in Action': here


Nearly 800 women and 40 men gathered for the first Inter-European Women's Congress in Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany.

For more information go to section 'Congress Women-in-Action'.


Invitation to first Inter-European Women's Congress

September 5-8, 2014 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Women-in-Action Congress page here

Video Invitation MP4 file click here

Congress Book with daily Program, Agenda, about Women's Ministries and Workshop descriptions download here



This bookmarks has been created and kindly offered to Women's Ministries EUD by Eunice Morais, Portugal. For download, please click on the picture.


Women's Mental Health Training

Geneva Conference on Health and Lifestyle, organized by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church finished the 3-days Workshop Sections July 10, where Women's Ministries Department introduced the new material for Women's Mental Health called 'Thinking Well, Living Well'. Raquel Arrais (Associate Director of the Department of Women's Ministries at the General Conference) lead through the program with the following Speakers: Sharon Platt-McDonald, Dr. Katia Reinert, Dr. Janice Browne , Dr. Kathleen Kuntaraf. We hope to be able to introduce this wonderful material in all Unions of Inter-European Division. _____________________________________________________________________

New Brochure - Break the Silence

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Info 2014.05 - July 01

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Thought of the Month July



Thought of the Month June


Enditnow - new wording


Abuse does not concern women alone, it concerns all of us. Abuse is always a question of headship and power.

Power over women, men and children and it comes in different forms. It can be physical, psychological, sexual, religious...

There is no limit, but it always hurts someone. Let's break the silence about abuse, let's make it a topic in our society and

church. Let's end it now!


Info 2014.04 May 25

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Thought of the Month May


Info 2014.03 May 10

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Thought of the Month April



Stop child abuse, stop Female Genital Mutilation, stop feing unfair to others. enditnow!

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17 year old British girl leads Guardian campaign to end female genital mutilation here



International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25.11.2013: In time for the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence aginst Women, Adra Gemany launches a  new enditnow campaign. The goal is to sensitize the people in Europe against abuse. With the support of Women’s Ministries Department EUD, Germany, Switzerland and Austria they produce various TV Videos which were made with the Kick-Box world champion Dr. Christine Theiss in the languages German, English, Spanish, and French.

These videos will be broadcast by the different TV channels including Hope Channel Germany.

It is advised to show these videos in the SDA Churches in the whole of Europe. Abuse concerns us all, both inside and outside the churech.

Videos ready for download here:

On Valentines Day 2013 Adra organized an enditnow Flash Mob in the Center of Darmstadt, Germany. Find here a short

Video message: here

Women’s Ministries collect signatures to be presented to United Nations. Please ask your local Women’s Ministries

Director for the list to sign, or

Sign online today: here

Hope for Survivors of abuse by Clergy: here


Opening of Desert Flower Center Waldfriede Hospital, Berlin, Germany

NEW:  The video of the Opening Session has now been produced with Englsih Subtitles. (Length, approx. 7 Min.)

Video Download with Englsih subtitles: here

For German Version: clicke here


Women's Outreach Convention, Spain

8.-10.11.2013: Enterprenas, Spain.

Over 130 Women interested in engaging in Outreach met at the Youth Camp Enterprenas in Spain with the title: Love in Action. They got important tools and motivation for their ministry.

Inspite of the limited financial ressources, Women are very creative and find ways to engage and be a blessing to people in society. As main speaker they invited Denise Hochstrasser, Women's Ministries Director, Inter-European Divisiion. Several workshops were offered, and the women experiences a very blessed weekend which was organized by Simona Ariana Anca, Women's Minsitries Director, Spain and Mercedes Hamed Fernandez, her assistant. 



Inter-European Division view on Women's ordination


Women's Minsitries (WM) concentreates on women to be loved, valued, cared, equipped, trained and empowered, so they are able to touch and tell others about the wonderful message of the Gospel. Promoting the ordination of women is not an main emphasis in WM, although we believe that everyone should use their talents to God's glory and receive recognition for work done to His honor.

Therefore we want to inform you about the following vote that has been taken at the Inter-European Divsion's Year-End Meeting by the Executive Committee in Madrid, Spain on November 4, 2013:

Based on the report of the Biblical Research Committee, the Executive Committee of the Inter-European Division recommends the ordination of women to pastoral ministry, taking into consideration the possibility of applying it according to the needs of the fields.




Thought of the month





Our prayer

We pray for each Woman to find her personal call and for her to be ready to accept it.

There are many challenges: poverty in some countries, secularism in others. But we all have one goal, to be ready to meet in heaven, when time comes.

We pray for each country for women to find a way to proclaim the gospel despite their individual challenges they face. 

The leadership program is running very successfully in most countries of EUD. We pray all Unions will soon get involved, so women will be encouraged and empowered to reach out and to take up an active role in ministering to women in and outside the Church.



Leadership Program started in Friedensau, North German Union

September 27-30, 2013,Friedensau, North Germany


35 women came to Friedensau with varying expectations. The speakers were the WM leaders of the German speaking territories as well as Denise Hochstrasser and Hannele Ottschofski. They showed different possibilities how women can fulfill our gospel calling. The spark ignited and in the end the ladies went home highly motivated, intending to become active in their local churches.

One of the participants wrote the following lines about her experience:

„I would like to thank you all once more for this wonderful weekend in Friedensau. It was just the right moment for me to see how I can serve my church and our Lord Jesus. I received a lot of new ideas for myself personally. e.g. how to personalize my Bible or deal with conflicts, how to write a devotion and we received many new impulses for Women’s Ministries. I would like to take up the idea with the heart-shaped pillows for breast cancer patients, start a small group where we study the Bible in English and make excursions with the ladies. I already have several ideas for devotional submissions, i.e. our Lord Jesus is giving them to me. I also think that I can use the inputs I received for my proffessional career. After this intensive weekend I am already looking forward to the next level." - S.H.





Leadership Program started in Italy

September 13-15, 2013, Poppi, Italy

Women’s Ministries was reestablished in 1995. A year later it became a full department in all Divisions and in the Unions of EUD.

The three main emphases in Women’s Ministries (WM) are:

Nurture – Empower – Outreach. All three remain equally important, but since 2010 ‘empower’ has replaced ‘nurture’ as the main emphasis in EUD. In order to achieve this Women’s Ministries works with the wonderful tool ‘Leadership Certification Program, Level 1-4’. In several Unions this material has been used for some years with much success, others are just opening to it now. Sept. 13-15, 2014 Level 1 was offered for the first time in Poppi, Italy, where nearly 50 women participated (see picture here below).

For full report click here


'Babywiege' is celebrating it's 13th anniversary

September 12, 2013, Berlin

Babywiege (crib) is a place for mothers to bring their unwanted children so their wellbeing is being secured. It is 13 years from now, that this baby-bed is being offered to women who are desperate and cannot or don't want to take care of their newborn children. The Adventist Hospital has received much attention for the fact that they offer help to women in need. Over 120 times this anomynous step was chosen by women so far. The babies are put into the baby croll from outside the hospital, nobody can see. When the bed is closed an alarm calls a nurse, and immediate attention is given to the baby. A kind letter invites the desperate mother to seek help or contact and many accept this. For most children an official adoption can be arranged because the mothers decided to give their names and to be accompanied. Many times, after the mother got help by the hospital female Pastor Gabriele Stangl (Picture), mothers take back their babies and, with some help, they start a relationship with the baby. Often they even find a way to take it back into their own care. Such moments are the most precious ones for Gaby.



Desert-Flower Center in Adventist Hospital, Berlin Germany officially opened.

September 11, 2013, Berlin


"Female Genital Mutilation has nothing to do with culture, religion or tradition. It is torture and crime which needs to be fought." With this quote by Waris Dirie Bernd Quoss, Director of the Adventist Hospital Waldfriede in Berlin, Germany opened theinauguration ceremony for the Desert-Flower Center.

For full report in English, please click here

For report in German, please click here

For ANN News, please click here

Openting Session Desert-Flower-Center Waldfriede "Hope Channel" on youTube clicke here (approx. 7 Min)



Women's Ministries Congress Lisbon, Portugal

Congress theme accordingly the Portuguese Union objectives: “VIVER + Mulher” which means "Living + Women" which concerns all the different women’s ministries – woman, wife, mother, God’s daughter, etc.


Departamental Directors of Trans-European Divsion and Inter-European Divsion meet.

April 8-9, 2014. Directors of Women's Ministries, Children Ministries and Family Ministries Departments met to discuss common strategies in the areas of abuse prevention and Women's Ministries projects and goals.

They agreed to promote inter-departamental cooperation in their Divisions, and to plan common projects for the two Divisions when it comes to Abuse Prevention

This ark shows the concept as inter-departmental cooperation at Inter-European Division to make aware and prevent abuse.

This strategie has been voted by the Members of the Executive Committee at the Mid-Year Meeting May 27, 2013 as a program to be adopted by the whole Inter-European Division.

  • Make aware of the fact that abuse happens everywhere.

  • Make Church a safe place for all

  • Break the silence about abuse.

  • Support the different campaigns offered

  • Cooperate with all Departments in Abuse Prevention

  • Find a common name (umbrella)




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Women in Action


1st Inter-European Women's Congress

September 5-8, 2014


Why 'women in action' ?

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